Hollym Corp., Publishers


Founded in 1963, Hollym is one of the Korea's leading publishing companies, providing high-quality books and guides in English on Korean history, art, literature, language, cuisine, as well as popular books for children in Korean.
With offices in New Jersey and Seoul, Hollym offers a complete range of publishing services and is committed to using the best printers, illustrators, and craftspeople available in Korea.

Book > Door: The book that opens to the future, a door that creates new possibilities

The symbol consists of two square shapes–a rectangle, which symbolizes a book or a door, and a square, which encloses the rectangle. The rectangle is surrounded by the dark colored square to emphasize its image of a “hopeful, future-oriented” book or door. Therefore, this symbol shows “two books” overlapping each other or a “door” opened outwards. It reflects Hollym’s vision of pursuing future possibilities that can be obtained through books.

Hollym’s vision based on the two axes

The symbol has a colored part and a pierced part, and the image can be interpreted in different ways depending upon your point of view. When you cast your eyes on the pierced part, you see the door of infinite possibilities; however, when you contemplate the colored part, you can see them as bracketing the door.
The two different axes symbolize “old and new,” “traditional and modern,” and “Korea and the world,” which explains the characteristics of Hollym’s business.
One axis represents Korea’s history and tradition, upon which Hollym’s ideological roots are derived, and it also stands for one of our roles of publishing books on Korea and the Korean culture. The other axis symbolizes Hollym’s new vision for the future and its international expansion through Hollym International Corp. and also stands for the other of our roles of publishing books for young readers. The brown color (PMS730) symbolizes history, culture, and soil, the light green color (PMS397) represents the future and new life. The grey color (PMS425) for the text balances the two colors.