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Mini Dictionary of English-Korean & Korean-English【외국인을 위한 미니 영한·한영사전】
by B. J. Jones & Gene S. Rhie
   796 p
   10,000 KRW
Native English-speakers can conveniently refer to words in both languages with this single dictionary, which is extremely compact in size. single of the most important features of this dictionary is the detailed and yet simplified explanation. English idioms and proverbs were use ...

Kimchi: A Korean Health food【김치】
by Florence C. Lee & Helen C. Lee
   64 p
   9,000 KRW
In this book, the history and traditions of kimchi are examined before its evolution into Korea’s contemporary mealtime staple. With recipes and pictures for 48 different varieties of kimchi, every chef and culinary lover will find something to savor about kimchi from this book ...

[Culture and History]
Korean Impact on Japanese Culture 한국이 일본 문화에 미친 영향
by Jon Carter Covell & Alan Covell
   116 p
   15,000 KRW
Many people, especially in the West, are unaware of the role that Korea has played it’s role in the development of Japan’s culture over the ages. In this book the authors compare the sculpture, architecture, painting, ceramics, and courtly dress of Japan with Korea’s, espec ...

[Culture and History]
Anthology of Korean Traditional Patterns 한국 전통 문양집
by In-sook Kim & Ki-ho Sang
   288 p
   38,000 KRW
Korean traditional patterns which embody the sprit, wisdom and simplicity of ancestors of Koreans also represent their wish and religious belief. This book is a collection of those Korean traditional patterns that the authors have created for 30 years upon their long experience. ...

[Culture and History]
The Transformation of Modern Korean Sport 한국 현대 스포츠사
by Gwang Ok
   416 p
   August, 2007
   25,000 KRW
This study is intended to search for the significant role of sport in Korea. A major concern of this study is to argue that the development of Korean sport has been used as a mechanism of promoting and supporting, cultural exchange between the West and the East, political and ide ...

[Photo Book]
Postcards from Joseon 조선이 보내 온 엽서
by Seo Heun-Kang
   18 p
   June, 2012
   6,000 KRW
Sixteen useful postcards with beautiful images of the Korea’s old kingdom Joseon invites you to a exotic world. The pictures contain the images of palaces, royal tombs, and Jongmyo Shrine and Jongmyo Ancestral Ritual of Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). The photographer explains his ...
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