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한국인의 소울푸드: 100가지 우리 음식 레시피
by 윤숙자
   240 p
   19 June, 2014
   13000 KRW
익숙하지만 소중한 우리 음식 백 가지 레시피 우리 음식을 만들고, 대접하고, 먹는 과정을 기쁘고 만족스럽도록 돕는 한식 레시피 북. 한국인의 정신과 전통 그리고 “마음”이 담긴 “소울푸드” 백 가지를 ...

[Culture and History]
Conservation and Management of the World’s Petroglyph Sites [세계의 암각화 보존과 관리]
by Bangudae Petroglyphs Institute, University of Ulsan
   208 p
   May 2014
   15000 KRW
Useful Case Studies of the Rock Art Management and Preservation : How the Rock Art Sites Face Similar Preservation Issues The Bangudae petroglyphs in Ulsan had been recognized as one of the most important monuments of Korean prehistoric art. Before the petroglyph panels wer ...

Easy Talk in Korean 이지톡 코리안
by Kim Jung-sup at al.
   368 p
   January, 2014
   978-1-56591-407-0 KRW
Portable & Alive Korean Conversational Book Useful in Everyday Life Easy Talk in Korean is intended to help Korean language learners to more easily speak, understand, and communicate with Korean people. If you are especially a beginner at learning the Korean language, this ...

[Contemporary Korean Arts 10] Korean Abstract Painting: A Formation of Korean Avant-Garde
by Kim Hee-Young
   160 p
   September 2013
   10000 KRW
Adopting Spirit of Resistance Formation of the Post-war Korean Abstract Painting Creations or new movements come from criticism on the convention such as the movements of the US and Europe in the modern painting after the World War II. In the West which had made remarkable ...

[Contemporary Korean Arts 9] Choreographers in Motion: Retrospective and Perspectives 한국의 안무가
by Chung Eui-sook
   152 p
   September 2013
   10000 KRW
Choreographers and the Universal Language Masters of Movements This book explores the lives and works of representative contemporary dance choreographers of Korea, primarily based in Seoul. The artists selected are examined in detail through interviews by thoroughly invest ...

[Contemporary Korean Arts 8] Acts and Scenes: Western Drama in Korean Theater 한국의 번역극
by Kim Miy He
   144 p
   September 2013
   10000 KRW
An Introduction of western theater drama in Korea Almost 400 playwrights from about 25 countries and more than 1,000 dramas have been introduced to Korea in the brief span of 100 despite the fact that Korea has a vastly different culture, history, and tradition. While the his ...
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