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[Culture and History]
【울산 반구대암각화 연구】A Study of Bangudae Petroglyphs in Ulsan
by Ho-Tea Jeon
   302 p
   July 2013
   20,000 KRW
국보285호 울주 대곡리 반구대암각화는 한국미술사의 첫 장을 장식하는 작품이다. 이미 30곳을 헤아리는 한국의 암각화유적 중 국보147호 울산 천전리 서석과 함께 국보로 지정, 관리되는 두 작품 가운데 하나이다. ...

At the Well 【우물가에서】
by So-yeop Kim
   128 p
   May 1, 2001
   7000 KRW
This book is an examination of life as light and of love as color. The poet unites these themes with striking verses that resonate with power and distinction in its English translation. 빛을 생명으로, 사랑을 색깔로 그려 사람, 생명, 그리고 사랑이 하나 ...

My Love, My Star 【그대 떠난 후 더욱 사랑하게 되었네】
by Soyeop Kim
   128 p
   May 1, 2001
   7000 KRW
"Kim So-yeop's poetic world is deeply rooted in love for man and God, and her poems inevitably deepen, broaden and heighten the spiritual world of her readers as they are filled with gentle and romantic emotion." Park Yi-do (Literary critic, Professor at Kyunghee Univ.) ...

In Case You May Drop by (Korea's Golden Poems) 【행여 님이 오실까】
by Soyeop Kim, Peter J. Argeros
   128 p
   May 1, 2001
   7000 KRW
"In her lovely and exquisite poetry, Kim So-yeop tells about love: first; her pathetic love for her husband inextricably interwoven among her longings for him. next; her love for man and God which underlies her metaphysical and religious ideas." 행여, 님이 오실까(한· ...

Stepping Stones 【디딤돌】
by Ellen S. Kang
   212 p
   8,000 KRW
Stepping Stones 2003 Marks the one-hundredth anniverary of the immigration of the first Koreans to the United States of America. This minor exodus of Koreans was to Hawaii to satisfy the labor needs of the sugar plantations, presumably to offset the domination of workers by an ...

Korean through English 2 (New Edition) 【한국어 2】영어판 (완전개정판)
by Sang-Oak Lee at al.
   232 p
   May 2013
   15,000 KRW
The Easiest Korean Language Textbook Series by The National Institute of the Korean Language & Language Education Institute at Seoul National University Korean through English series was first published in 1992 and has widely been used as educational textbook series for fore ...
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