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[Culture and History]
Bangudae : Petroglyph Panels in Ulsan, Korea, in the Context of World Rock Art 반구대 : 세계 바위예술의 흐름 안에서 본 반구대암각화
by Ho-tae Jeon et al
   232 p
   April 2013
   15,000 KRW
Comprehensive and organized research on the Banguade Petroglyphs in English edition! The Bangudae Petroglyphs Institute of University of Ulsan and the Korea Studies Institute of Harvard University co-hosted “The First International Symposium on Petroglyphs” on April 26 and ...

[Travel and General Information]
Exploring the National Museum of Korea 미리 가 본 국립 중앙 박물관
by Myung-sook oh
   176 p
   March, 2013
   13,000 KRW
A Museum Guide Provided with Vivid Pictures and Enchanting Stories! The National Museum of Korea represents Korea and is the sixth largest museum in the world. This book selects and introduces two hundred and fifty most important relics and artifacts. Each artifact is provide ...

Korean Phrase Book for Travelers (Revised Edition) 【여행자용 한국어 회화】
by Kim Jung-sup at al.
   400 p
   November, 2012
   12,000 KRW
Designed for Use as a Quick Reference Tool and Easy Study! Learn the basic expressions needed for: ▶ Travel and Transportation ▶ Shopping, Sightseeing, and Services ▶ Food Lists and Restaurants ▶ Health, Medical, Emergency Situations ▶ Entertainment and Amusemen ...

[Travel and General Information]
Inside Korea: Discovering the People and Culture 인사이드 코리아
by Lee Eung-chel et al.
   512 p
   October 2012
   12,800 KRW
What’s Inside Korea? Discovering the past and Present of Korea Korea is a nation with about five thousand years of history and rich cultural heritage and a country realized stunning economic growth and democratic development in such a short span of time. In addition, Korea ...

Korean for Intermediate Learners 1 【중급 한국어 1】(영어,한국어,중국어,필리핀어,몽골어,베트남어)
by The National Institute of the Korean Language
   400 p
   December, 2009
   28,800 KRW
This book is developed to help beginners advance to the intermediate level while expanding their understanding of the Korean culture. It is structured to utilize Korean fluently in daily lives by conducting authentic tasks to improve speaking, listening, reading and writing skill ...

Writing Korean for Beginners 【초급 한국어 쓰기】(영어, 베트남어, 중국어, 몽골어, 태국어, 필리핀어)
by The National Institute of the Korean Language
   328 p
   April, 2006
   20,000 KRW
The 20 chapters in this book provide a wide range of practical, everyday situations for readers to improve their writing of the Korean language, Hangeul. Every chapter has specific goals, tasks, sample texts, vocabulary & expressions, grammar, and culture tips. Plus, with an answ ...
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