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[Culture and History]
Anthology of Korean Traditional Patterns 한국 전통 문양집
by In-sook Kim & Ki-ho Sang
   288 p
   38,000 KRW
Korean traditional patterns which embody the sprit, wisdom and simplicity of ancestors of Koreans also represent their wish and religious belief. This book is a collection of those Korean traditional patterns that the authors have created for 30 years upon their long experience. ...

[Culture and History]
The Transformation of Modern Korean Sport 한국 현대 스포츠사
by Gwang Ok
   416 p
   August, 2007
   25,000 KRW
This study is intended to search for the significant role of sport in Korea. A major concern of this study is to argue that the development of Korean sport has been used as a mechanism of promoting and supporting, cultural exchange between the West and the East, political and ide ...

[Culture and History]
Hanoak : Traditional Korean Homes 한옥
by Chun, Jin-Hee et al.
   228 p
   38,000 KRW
This book has been written by the faculty members who teach housing and interior design in several Korean universities to inform the world on the Korean traditional house and interiors., The main chapters are on the Korean traditional way of space planning and furniture arrangeme ...

[Culture and History]
American/Korean Contrasts: Patterns and Expectations in the U.S. and Korea 미국 대 한국
by Susan Oak & Virginia Martin
   296 p
   15,000 KRW
What are the differences and similarities between U.S. and Korean Culture? There are many books for Americans on understanding Korea or for Koreans trying to understand the U.S., but this is the first book to attempt to reach both audiences. Authors highlight in this book how ave ...

[Culture and History]
Reading the Korean Cultural Landscape 한국의 문화지리 읽기
by Je-Hun Ryu
   340 p
   22,000 (h) 20,000 (s) KRW
The 21st century is the age of culture, and thus cultural competition will be ever tense among countries. The internal or regional diversity in a national culture is the necessity for a nation to develop its own cultural capability. If Koreans comprehend their own national cultur ...

[Culture and History]
Korean Traditional Landscape Architecture 한국의 전통 조경
by The Korean Institute of Traditional Landscape Architecture
   472 p
   January, 2008
   38,000 KRW
Korean traditional landscape architecture is among the most treasured cultural developments made over the thousands of years of Korean culture. "Korean Traditional Landscape Architecture" illustrates the history and cultural background of Korean traditional landscape architecture ...
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