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[Culture and History]
Korean Games and Sports 한국의 놀이와 스포츠
by Karl Randall
   144 p
   March, 2011
   12,000 KRW
Korean Games and Sports is accessible to anyone seeking an international perspective on the cultural salience of folk and contemporary games and sports of Korea. As an admirable collection and readable book, it will undoubtedly find a readership between families and friends as we ...

[Culture and History]
Korea : Tradition And Transformation 신한국사 통론
by Andrew C. Nahm
   580 p
   43,000 KRW
This is the first comprehensive English-language history of the Korean people, offering Western readers a synthesis of the latest and best scholarship on Korean history and culture from the earliest times to the present. Prof. Nahm's work presents a fresh and scholarly ansys ...

[Culture and History]
Introduction To Korean History And Culture 신한국사 입문
by Andrew C. Nahm
   392 p
   15000 KRW
The purpose of this book is to present the history and culture of Korea to meet the needs of the general reader. While providing essential historical and cultural background of the Korean people, emphasis is given to the process of transformation of the ancient Korean society int ...

[Culture and History]
Introduction To Korean Culture 한국 문화 입문
by John H. Koo & Andrew C. Nahm
   480 p
   20000 KRW
18 contributors of this book are best and well-known experts in their field. When there comes the necessity to whom interested in Korea, there was none other than these 18 experts who were most suitable for that job. This is the book for anybody who wants to understand Korea. ...

[Culture and History]
Guide to Korean Culture 한국 문화 가이드
by Korean Overseas Information Service
   288 p
   April, 2010
   15,000 KRW
A comprehensive introduction to Korean cultural heritage with UNESCO Treasures in Korea & Culture and Customs of Korea: In an effort to make Korean culture better known around the world, 21 aspects of Korean culture are introduced in this volume along with UNESCO Treasures of Kor ...

[Culture and History]
Goguryeo: In Search of Its Culture and History 고구려
by Ho-tae Jeon
   288 p
   September, 2008
   35,000 KRW
Goguryeo tomb murals, now registered as UNESCO World Heritage, are important cultural heritage and are a historic record of the kingdom, which was one of the most powerful states in Northeast Asia 2000 years ago. The murals, which excavated from the late third to seventh centurie ...
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