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[Culture and History]
Dictionary of Korean Art and Archaeology 한국문화재용어사전
by The Korea Foundation
   352 p
   19,800 KRW
This publication seeks to promote a broader understanding of Korean culture and arts among foreigners with an interest in Korea's cultural legacy, and support scholarly research by providing English definitions and explanations of terminology used for cultural artifacts. The ...

[Culture and History]
A Panorama of 5000 Years: Korean History (4th edition) 5천년 파노라마
by Andrew C. Nahm
   136 p
   December, 2007
   20,000 KRW
An extensive and thorough look at five millennia of Korean history, "A Panorama of 5000 Years: Korean History" starts in early Korea then moves on to chapters concerned with the Goryeo and Joseon Dynasties, challenges of modernization, the Japanese seizure of Korea, liberation, d ...

[Culture and History]
A Cultural History of Modern Korea 한국 현대 문화사
by Wanne J. Joe. Edited by Hongkyu A. Choe
   800 p
   35000 KRW
A Cultural History of Modern Korea is a good source for those people who understand the culture and history of modern Korea. It is written by Wanne J. Joe and revised and edited by Hongkyu A. Choe. The author planned to write a two-volume Korean cultural history, covering from an ...

[Culture and History]
[Korean Culture Series2] Seowon 서원
by Lee Sang-hae
   208 p
   19,800 KRW
This book provides a comprehensive introduction to the private institutions, which were dedicated to higher learning that eventually emerged at the forefront of Neo-Confucianism in Korea. It examines in detail the various roles that these unique institutions played during the Jos ...

[Culture and History]
[Korean Culture Series7] Seasonal Customs of Korea 한국의 세시 풍속
by David E. Shaffer
   208 p
   March, 2007
   19,800 KRW
The seasonal customs of Korea are the folk traditions of everyday life that have been repeated annually throughout the ages. As such, the residents of a particular community came to share a uniformity of everyday customs by living within the same natural environment and cultural ...

[Culture and History]
[Korean Culture Series3] Palaces of Korea 한국의 궁궐
by Kim Dong-uk
   144 p
   19,800 KRW
In "Palaces of Korea", Kim Dong-uk, a renowned historian of Korean architecture, guides readers on a journey through the history of palaces in Korea, daily life and ceremonial events, and palace architecture. However, the author also writes extensively about the similarities and ...
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