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Speaking Korean for Beginners (with Audio CD | Free MP3 Download)【초급 한국어 말하기】(영어, 베트남어, 중국어, 몽골어, 태국어, 필리핀어)
by The National Institute of the Korean Language
   208 p
   April, 2006
   15,000 KRW
This book has been compiled so that readers can study the spoken aspect of the Korean language on their own, acquiring both fluency and accuracy through the CD that accompanies it. By not only incorporating useful expressions throughout the book, but also providing key insights i ...

Reading Korean for Beginners 【초급 한국어 읽기】(영어, 베트남어, 중국어, 몽골어, 태국어, 필리핀어)
by The National Institute of the Korean Language
   224 p
   March, 2008
   18,000 KRW
A beginner's reading comprehension ability is the ability to read sentences that are frequently encountered in everyday life and to obtain the necessary information in basic social meetings. This book contains practical content that beginners will encounter in real life situ ...

日本語·ハングル 基本単語辞典 【일본어·한글 기본 단어사전】
by 金容権 · 韓龍茂
   352 p
   10,000 KRW
日本語学習に必要な必須基本語彙をひらがな順に配列した実用的な辞典である。ハングル単語発音をカタカナで表記して活用度を高めてた。また約1,500個語彙に対する約4,500個の簡単な例文を提示して学習者に ...

韓·日· 英 対照 分類 韓日辞典【한·일·영 대조 분류 한일사전】
by 金喜坤
   460 p
   10,000 KRW
韓国語の基本語彙約6,500単語を選別して品詞別、意味別に分類して英語と日本語で別々解釈を付けった。すべてのハングル語彙にローマ字とカタカナで発音を併記した。日本語漢字には振り仮名を付けって読 ...

日韓· 韓日小辞典【일한·한일 소사전】
by 李寅泳 監修, 崔海淑 編
   850 p
   13,000 KRW
既存の語彙解析と文法的な説明を主とすることの編集方向で脱皮して発音の重要性を勘案した新しい形態の辞典である。ホ゜ケットサイス゛で製作して学習、ビジネス、旅行する時携帯と使用が簡便で多様な ...

Mini Dictionary of English-Korean & Korean-English【외국인을 위한 미니 영한·한영사전】
by B. J. Jones & Gene S. Rhie
   796 p
   10,000 KRW
Native English-speakers can conveniently refer to words in both languages with this single dictionary, which is extremely compact in size. single of the most important features of this dictionary is the detailed and yet simplified explanation. English idioms and proverbs were use ...
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