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Roadmap to Korean (2nd edition)【한국어 로드맵】
by Richard Harris
   359 p
   December, 2007
   25,000 KRW
"Roadmap to Korean" is the most complete and thorough introduction to the Korean language of its kind. A sweeping journey through thousands of years of history, the book is an essential study guide for students of the language, from novices just beginning their studies to the mos ...

Let's Talk In Korean [2nd Edition]【한국어로 말합시다】
by P.K.Lee & C.S.Ryu
   330 p
   12,000 KRW
This is a pocket-book version of "Easy Way to Korean Conversation," but amply revised and supplemented to better meet the actual needs of talking to Koreans in various situations. Part I deals with the basic words and expressions which are most frequently used and can be easily a ...

Korean through English 1 (New Edition)【한국어 1】영어판 (완전개정판)
by Sang-Oak Lee & Seungmie Lee
   184 p
   March, 2012
   16,000 KRW
The Best Textbook Series for Learning the Korean Language by the Leading Experts in Korea -The National Institute of the Korean Language and Language Education Institute at Seoul National University Originally consisted of three volumes, Korean through English series was f ...

Essential Korean for Everyday Use【일상생활에 쓰이는 필수 한국어】
by Sungmi Kwon, Hyunjung Shin, John M. Frankl
   352 p
   September, 2007
   11,000 KRW
This book is made up of 17 separate chapters that include the expressions necessary both for traveling and for everyday life in Korea. At the end of each chapter, the most useful vocabulary items related to that chapter's theme are introduced. In addition, throughout the boo ...

Essential Korean for Business Use【비즈니스에 쓰이는 필수 한국어】
by Kwon Sungmi & John M. Frankl
   360 p
   June, 2011
   13,000 KRW
Essential Korean for Business Use is constructed around the various situations you may encounter while conducting business, and includes numerous expressions that can be used by learners of Korean at all levels. It contains those expressions necessary for foreigners who reside in ...

Standard Korean-English Dictionary for Foreigners【외국인을 위한 표준 한영사전】
by Gene S.Rhie
   410 p
   9000 KRW
This dictionary, as a companion to the "Standard English-Korean Dictionary for Foreigners," was designed as a convenient reference tool for those who want to find necessary words easily and quickly. Therefore, a special effort was made to select the most useful and essential word ...
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