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Standard English-Korean & Korean-English Dictionary【외국인을 위한 표준 영한·한영사전】
by B.J.Jones & Gene S.Rhie
   780 p
   15000 KRW
While modern technological advances have been an impetus toward breaking down boundaries throughout the world, language barriers have yet to be overcome. Since Korea has joined the ranks of industrialized countries, there has been a strong interest in the Korean language. A dicti ...

Standard English Korean Dictionary for Foreigners【외국인을 위한 표준 영한사전】
by B.J.Jones
   386 p
   10000 KRW
This pocket-size, 12,000-entry dictionary is a handy reference for English speakers acquiring a knowledge of Korean. The Romanized Korean equivalents are followed by Korean orthography. The choice of Korean words and examples is, in general, quite adequate, but unidiomatic and li ...

Korean Conversation Dictionary【한국어 회화 사전】
by Jung-sup Kim, Hyun-yong Cho & Jung-hee Lee
   592 p
   November, 2010
   16,500 KRW
Nourish your Korean language with a variety of colloquial words and expressions! COMPREHENSIVE / PRACTICAL / UP-TO-DATE Korean Conversation Dictionary for Foreigners is a comprehensive yet practical guide packed with the words and expressions most commonly used in everyda ...

Basic Korean Dictionary【기초 한국어 사전】
by Sang-Oak Lee
   438 p
   13000 KRW
It needs a good dictionary to study any foreign language. "Basic Korean Dictionary" list 5,000 of the most commonly urged words of 60th English and Korean with special marks according to the frequency. With explanations of grammar, honorifics, Sino-Korean words & proverbs, this i ...

A Guide To Korean Characters【한글, 한자 읽고 쓰는 법】
by Bruce K. Grant
   367 p
   15,000 KRW
This invaluable mini-dictionary of characters for modern readers includes the following outstanding features. 1,800 characters arranged in such format. Hangul-in-a-hurry is a fast method to learn the indigenous Korean alphabet. Stroke-count, radical and phonetic indices. Charts o ...
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