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Between Sound and Silence 【소리와 고요 사이】
by Chang Soo Ko
   144 p
   9000 KRW
Between Sound and Silence, a dual-language volume of poems by Chang Soo Ko, includes mostly his poems in English which have been carried in American literary journals. With both Korean and American readers in mind, Professor David McCann, who is teaching Korean literature at Harv ...

Modern Korean Short Stories 2 | Weathered Blossom【마른 꽃】
by Wan-suh Park
   156 p
   January, 2006
   8,500 KRW
A timeless tale of one person's love, Weathered Blossom is also the story of the essence of love as well as its ability to uplift us in our time of need. Through one older women's examination of the earthly boundaries of love, authors name takes us on an unforgettable j ...

Modern Korean Short Stories 7 | Twofold Song【두 겹의 노래】
by Mun-yol Yi
   112 p
   May, 2004
   8,500 KRW
From one of Korea's most distinguished authors in the modern era comes "Twofold Song," the story of a couple who ceaselessly try and express their love artistically in author Yi Mun-yul's poetic short story. Sublime and resplendent with rich connotative analogies, "Twof ...

Modern Korean Short Stories 5 | Tower of Ants【개미의 탑】
by In-ho Choi
   172 p
   May, 2004
   8,500 KRW
Prize-winning author Choe In-ho paints a dizzying portrait of what living in a modern, self-centered society entails in his breakthrough short story "Tower of Ants." The plot centers around a young man who is going nowhere in his 9-5 advertising job when, one day, his apartment i ...

Modern Korean Short Stories 1 | The Snowy Road【눈길】
by Chong-jun Yi
   152 p
   May, 2004
   8,500 KRW
A poignant, radiant tale of a mother's ceaseless devotion to her son, "The Snowy Road" is the story of a family that loses everything due to one son's abuse of alcohol. This tragedy does not shake the mother's resolve to continue to work hard for her one remaining ...

Modern Korean Short Stories 3 | Seoul-1964-Winter【서울, 1964년 겨울】
by Sung-ok Kim
   151 p
   March, 2008
   9,500 KRW
Although urban centers are the manifestation of humans, they are also man's self-imposed curse, because cities are the root of all alienation in modern society. A touching tale of estrangement from the human swarm, "Seoul-1964-Winter" tells the emotional story of a sad and l ...
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