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Modern Korean Short Stories 6 | Chinatown【중국인 거리】
by Jung-hee Oh
   152 p
   May, 2004
   8,500 KRW
Korea was an arduous and painstaking place to live in after the nation's civil war. Incheon, one of the war's most famous backdrops, provides the setting for "Chinatown," the story of life in one of the ubiquitous shantytown areas that dotted the Korean landscape at the ...

Modern Korean Short Stories 4 | A Walk in the Mountains【산행】
by Young-en So
   324 p
   May, 2004
   9,800 KRW
An apathetic husband and a wife's slow awakening to a harsh reality share center stage in So Young- en's fascinating short story "A Walk in the Mountains." Partly a post-modern detective story of a wife trying to find the cause of her husband's disinclination to fu ...
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