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[Photo Book]
Haenyeo: Women Divers of Korea 해녀
by Y.Zin 와이진
   192 p
   58,000 KRW
They Scour the Ocean Floor without Breathing Aid These brave women work underwater 10 meters, or sometimes 20 meters, deep in the sea without any breathing apparatus. They harvest prized marine delicacies such as sea cucumber, abalones and sea mustard. Women free divers who a ...

[Photo Book]
A Weekend in Pyongyang, North Korea 평양에서의 휴일 (한영병기)
by 아델린 페트리쇼르 Adelin Petrisor
   144 p
   August 2016
   35,000 KRW
North Korea, the Most Isolated Country in the World - Enjoy photographs that record the centennial anniversary of Kim Il-sung’s birth and some of daily life in North Korea so foreign and interesting to the rest of the world! Adelin Petrisor is one of the most famous w ...

[Photo Book]
KOREA: Revealing the Beauty Within 한국의 아름다움을 담다
by Suh Jae-sik
   216 p
   35,000 KRW
KOREA: Revealing the Beauty Within captures so much of what makes Korea unique and visually spectacular. Within images that will leave an indelible mark in your mind’s eye, photographer Jae-sik Suh takes you on a tour of his native country, from the semi-tropical island of Je ...

[Photo Book]
Postcards from Joseon 조선이 보내 온 엽서
by Seo Heun-Kang
   18 p
   June, 2012
   6,000 KRW
Sixteen useful postcards with beautiful images of the Korea’s old kingdom Joseon invites you to a exotic world. The pictures contain the images of palaces, royal tombs, and Jongmyo Shrine and Jongmyo Ancestral Ritual of Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). The photographer explains his ...

[Photo Book]
World Heritage in Korea (2nd edition) 한국의 세계 유산
by Jae-sik Suh
   192 p
   April, 2011
   30,000 KRW
Korean cultural properties as a mirror of time attract many world citizens. Korean cultural heritage calmly stands the abrasion of time, but a mirror of the Korea's past, present and future. Over time, the line, color and shape of the Korean landscape has surpassed the regio ...

[Photo Book]
The Beauty of Seoul (4th edition) 아름다운 서울
by Jae-sik Suh
   224 p
   35,000 KRW
Seoul is an international megalopolis with a population of well over 10 million which amounts to one quarter of the entire population. Since 1394, it has been the capital city of Korea and because of its long history and rapid economic developments beginning in the 1960s, Seoul a ...
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