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abor Laws of the Republic of Korea 한국 노동법 영문 개론서
by Ji-hyung Kim et al. 김지형 외
   528 p
   June 2015
   20,000 KRW
Basics of Korean Labor Law in a Comprehensive Manner The Book Provides …  Interpretations of Korean Labor Law  Careful Analysis of How It Is Applied in Practice  Not Just for Koreans But Also for Foreigners and Foreign Corporations Labor Laws of the Repu ...

[Travel and General Information]
Exploring the National Museum of Korea 미리 가 본 국립 중앙 박물관
by Myung-sook oh
   176 p
   March, 2013
   13,000 KRW
A Museum Guide Provided with Vivid Pictures and Enchanting Stories! The National Museum of Korea represents Korea and is the sixth largest museum in the world. This book selects and introduces two hundred and fifty most important relics and artifacts. Each artifact is provide ...

[Travel and General Information]
Inside Korea: Discovering the People and Culture 인사이드 코리아
by Lee Eung-chel et al.
   512 p
   October 2012
   12,800 KRW
What’s Inside Korea? Discovering the past and Present of Korea Korea is a nation with about five thousand years of history and rich cultural heritage and a country realized stunning economic growth and democratic development in such a short span of time. In addition, Korea ...

[Travel and General Information]
Living with the Enemy: Inside North Korea 적과의 삶
by Richard Saccone
   348 p
   18,000 KRW
This book offers a quite unique look at a land that has both intrigued and puzzled outsiders for decades. Dr. Saccone lived and worked in North Korea studying their behavior while chronicling his fascinating experiences. Travel the country like few foreigners have and meet North ...

[Travel and General Information]
This is Korea - All you ever wanted to know about Korea 이것이 한국이다
by CHOI Jung-wha, LIM Hyang-ok
   200 p
   15,000 KRW
Though there are many books that introduce Korea to foreigners, not many people really know Korea and even less, the Korean people. In many ways, Korea is overshadowed by its two neighbors in size by China in economy by Japan and therefore relatively unknown. So, this book looks ...

[Travel and General Information]
Panmunjeom: Facts About The Korean DMZ (6th Edition) 판문점
by Wayne A. Kirkbride
   96 p
   9,000 KRW
Though not well-known to many outside Korea, Panmunjeom should be one of the most talked about places in the world, as it is the most heavily armed and potentially dangerous tracts of land anywhere on earth. Panmunjeom is a site on the de facto border between North and South Kore ...
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