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[Travel and General Information]
Notes on Things Korean 한국적인 것들에 대한 기록
by Suzanne Crowder Han
   272 p
   1995, 2012
   15,000 KRW
An Insightful Look into the Traditions and Cultural Heritage of the Korean People Notes on Things Korean offers an insightful look at the traditions and cultural heritage of the Korean people. A compilation of concise and informative notes on a wide range of topics, this book ...

[Travel and General Information]
Kyongju : City of Millennial History 경주
by Edited by Korean National Commission for UNESCO
   220 p
   25,000 KRW
The city of Kyongju is more than two thousand years old. For about a thousand years between 57 B.C. and 935 A.D. it was the capital of the Shilla dynasty, the greatest to flourish among the Three Kingdoms of the Korean peninsula at that time and eventually to unify the three King ...

[Travel and General Information]
Facts About Korea (Revised edition) 한국에 관한 모든 것
by Korean Culture and Information Service
   264 p
   January, 2011
   9000 KRW
Korea is proud to keep its own history alive for 5,000 years, although, over the last 150 years, it has been through foreign encroachment and civil war which later led to division of the country. Despite all the misfortune and trouble, Korea has accomplished tremendous economic g ...

[Travel and General Information]
Caves - A Wonderful Underground 한국의 동굴
by Kyung Sik Woo
   230 p
   18,000 KRW
Many people do not appreciate the geologic environment that has been inherited from our ancestors. We understand much about the biological aspects of our environment but we do not comprehend the geological basis on which they depend. This book was written to encourage the reader ...

[Travel and General Information]
A Slow Walk through Jeong-dong 느리게 걸어보는 정동
by Michael Gibb
   144 p
   February, 2011
   13,000 KRW
When most people travel, they try to cover too much and rush around cities and countries, ticking off boxes: Seen that, done that. This book shows that you can have a rewarding time in a single place, not rushing around, taking things slow and focusing the mind on details. In thi ...

[Travel and General Information]
A Journey in Search of Korea's Beauty (배용준의) 한국의 아름다움을 찾아 떠난 여행
by Bae Yong Joon
   432 p
   December, 2010
   22,000 KRW
Unfledged yet Earnest Record of a Journey in Search of Korea's Culture "A Journey in Search of Korea's Beauty" was a yearlong project that Bae Yong Joon undertook in order to learn more about traditional Korean culture from the unfledged yet earnest point of view of ...
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