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[Young Readers]
The Story of Nine Asian Alphabets 아시아 아홉 문자 이야기
by APCEIU 유네스코 아시아태평양 국제이해교육원
   296 p
   July 2015
   15,000 KRW
Hollym announced that it publishes the book titled The Story of Nine Asian Alphabets 7). The book is planned by The Asia-Pacific Centre of Education for International Understanding (APCEIU), written by Shin Yoon Hwan et al., illustrated by Jo Min Seok. This book is published to e ...

[Young Readers]
My Papa is a Simple Man 우리 아빠 서재필 박사 이야기
by 글 이은홍, 그림 방승조, 번역 오세웅
   126 p
   June. 2015
   11,000 KRW
Hollym announced today that it publishes the cartoon biography of Philip Jaisohn (Soh Jaipil, 1864-1951) titled by My Papa Is a Simple Man: Dr. Philip Jaisohn, A life story (softcover; 11,000 Krw; $10; ISBN: 978-1-56591-476-6). The book is planned by the Philip Jaisohn Memorial ...

[Young Readers]
Korean Children’s Favorite Folk Tales
by Peter Hyun, Illustrated by Dong-il Park
   96 p
   11,000 KRW
Hollym revised one of its steady sellers in area of Korean folk tales: Korean Children’s Favorite Folk Tales. The book contains seven tales. It includes not only tales already famous such as “The heavenly maiden and the wood cutter” and “Kongji and Patji,” but also unkn ...

[Young Readers]
Korean Children’s Stories and Songs
by Peter Hyun, Illustrated by Dong-il Park
   88 p
   11,000 KRW
Hollym released a revised edition of Korean Children’s Stories and Songs which its first print published approximately 35 years ago. This steady seller contains three stories of famous children’s book writers in 1950-60s: Kim Yo-sup, Lee Hyun-ju, and Yoon Suk-joong. It also i ...

[Young Readers]
The Woodcutter and Tiger Brother (4th Edition)【나무꾼과 호랑이 형님】
by Nami Rhee
   30 p
   9,000 KRW
A woodcutter outwits the horrible tiger by making him believe that he is woodcutter's older brother who used to be a human. The tiger shows his dutifulness to his human mother by bringing gifts in her backyard and later follows to die after her death. This book has been tran ...

[Young Readers]
[Korean Folk Tales 1] The Woodcutter and the Heavenly Maiden/The Firedogs【선녀와 나무꾼 / 불개】
by D.Vorhees, M.Mueller,Illustrated by Pak Mi-son
   46 p
   10,000 KRW
The first in a ten-part children's book series that recounts some of Korea's most cherished classic folk tales, "The Woodcutter and the Heavenly Maiden" tells the story of a woodcutter who, longing for his fairy maiden wife and children in heaven, attemps to find them i ...
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