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[Young Readers]
I Love Korea! (2nd Edition)【한국이 좋아요!】
by Andrew C.Nahm, B.J.Jones, & Gi-eun Lee
   86 p
   18,000 KRW
Stories included in this volume are those of the people who preserved their nationhood and maintained their unique culture with sound mind and positive purpose even during troubled times. Some songs and poems they loved to sing or recite and some old tales which reflect their wit ...

[Young Readers]
[Korean Folk Tales 8] Brave Hong Kil-dong / The Man Who Bought the Shade Of a Tree (2nd Edition)【용감한 홍길동 / 나무그늘을 산 총각】
by Kim Yong-kol, Illustrated by Kang Mi-sun and Kim Yon-kyong
   46 p
   March, 2008
   10,000 KRW
The eighth book in a special ten-part series that looks at some of Korea's most famous folktales, "Brave Hong Kil-dong" revolves around the a son of a concubine who becomes a modern day Robin Hood when he turns into a chivalous thief who works for the cause of justice. In "T ...
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