Hollym Corp., Publishers


[Young Readers]
I Love Korea! (2nd Edition)【한국이 좋아요!】
by Andrew C.Nahm, B.J.Jones, & Gi-eun Lee
   86 p
   22 x 28.5 cm / full color. bilingual(English-Korean). hardcover
   18,000 KRW

Stories included in this volume are those of the people who preserved their nationhood and maintained their unique culture with sound mind and positive purpose even during troubled times. Some songs and poems they loved to sing or recite and some old tales which reflect their wit and humor, together with those which reflect their wit and humor. The readers will find some pleasure and gain some lessons through these stories which are touching legacies from Korea's past.

오랜 역사를 통해 고유한 민족성과 문화를 간직해 온 한민족이 부르던 노래와 시, 그리고 오랫동안 전해내려온 유머와 재치를 담고 있는 이야기들을 통해 한민족의 정서를 이해하는 데 도움을 줄 것이다.

Andrew C. Nahm was born and raised in Korea and went to the United States for his academic degrees of B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. in Asian history. He was a Professor of Asian History and Director of the Center for Korean Studies at Western Michigan University. Dr. Nahm published many articles and books on Korea and international relations of Korea. Through his teaching and with lots of publications, Professor Nahm made a significant contribution to the growth of Korean studies in the United States.