Hollym Corp., Publishers


Standard English-Korean & Korean-English Dictionary【외국인을 위한 표준 영한·한영사전】
by B.J.Jones & Gene S.Rhie
   780 p
   11 x 15.5 cm / vinyl binding
   15000 KRW

While modern technological advances have been an impetus toward breaking down boundaries throughout the world, language barriers have yet to be overcome. Since Korea has joined the ranks of industrialized countries, there has been a strong interest in the Korean language. A dictionary easily utilized by visitors has become essential. The McCune- Reischauer system of romanization is widely used in Korea and has been applied here to provide a convenient and easy to understand reference for English speaking travelers to Korea. The soft-cover volume is compact and easy to carry, yet its contents are comprehensive.

영한 / 한영사전 매킨-라이샤우어식 로마자 표기를 채택하고 있어 영어권 독자들이 쉽게 이해할 수 있다. 소프트 카바로 만들어 져 들고 다니기 쉬우면서도 책 안의 내용은 알차게 만들어졌다.

B.J. Jones earns degrees in B.A. from the Seoul National University in Korea, M.A. and Ph.D. from the IOWA State University in United States. He taught as a teacher in the TAMA elementary school in the U.S.A., a professor of Ewha Womans University and is currently a principal of Ewha Elementary school of Seoul, Korea. He also wrote "English Punch" and "English Jump".