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[Photo Book]
Postcards from Joseon 조선이 보내 온 엽서
by Seo Heun-Kang
   18 p
   June, 2012
   14.8 x 22.1 cm / full color
   6,000 KRW

Sixteen useful postcards with beautiful images of the Korea’s old kingdom Joseon invites you to a exotic world. The pictures contain the images of palaces, royal tombs, and Jongmyo Shrine and Jongmyo Ancestral Ritual of Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910).
The photographer explains his works that they have been taken in an attempt to keep various records of architectures and sculptures of the era and to make the impossible possible with this project. The result of his journey presents in a set of postcards in front of you.

산과 계곡 그리고 언덕을 벗삼아 건물을 짓고 정원을 조성했던 선조의 삶에 대한 경이로움 그리고 아름다움을 작가 특유의 멋스러움으로 재해석한 조선의 궁궐, 왕릉, 종묘와 종모제례의 사진을 16장의 엽서로 만난다. 자연을 정복하기보다는 그에 순응하는 건축물로 살아있는 이들에게 편안함을 주는 가장 ‘조선스러운’ 시각적 유희를 누려본다.

Seo Heun-Kang studied Documentary Photography at ChungAng University and worked as photographer for a magazine named Saemi-gip-eun-mul. He is currently working as freelance photographer for cultural documentary projects and also teaching in the Advanced Specialist Training Course of the National Folk Museum of Korea.