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Writing Korean for Beginners 【초급 한국어 쓰기】(영어, 베트남어, 중국어, 몽골어, 태국어, 필리핀어)
by The National Institute of the Korean Language
   328 p
   April, 2006
   18.2 x 25.7 cm / full color / softcover
   20,000 KRW
   English, Chinese, Filipino, Mongolian, Thai, Vietnamese
   China, Japan

The 20 chapters in this book provide a wide range of practical, everyday situations for readers to improve their writing of the Korean language, Hangeul. Every chapter has specific goals, tasks, sample texts, vocabulary & expressions, grammar, and culture tips. Plus, with an answer key at the back of the book, readers can carry out self-assessments at the end of each chapter.

초급 한국어 쓰기: 각 단원에서 제시되는 일상생활에서 빈번히 쓰이는 어휘와 표현을 익히고 기본적인 문장구조를 이해하여 실생활에서 요구되는 목록작성하기, 설명하기, 묘사하기 등에 바로 활용될 수 있도록 구성되었다.

* Also available in Chinese, Filipino(Tagalog), Mongolian, Thai and Vietnamese, 영어판 외 중국어판, 필리핀어판, 몽골어판, 태국어판, 베트남어판도 있습니다.
ISBN 9781565912564(V) 베트남어판
ISBN 9781565912724(C) 중국어판
ISBN 9781565912601(M) 몽골어판
ISBN 9781565912687(Th) 태국어판
ISBN 9781565912649(Fi) 필리핀어판

The National Institute of the Korean Language is to establish language policies which encourage the Korean people to use their language correctly and appropriately. The Academy collects and conducts scientific research on various linguistic and cultural data, publishes research findings, and provides guidelines on orthography, Standard Korean, and other matters which promote the dignified use of the Korean language and contribute to the development of Korean culture.