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Stepping Stones 【디딤돌】
by Ellen S. Kang
   212 p
   14 x 21.5 cm softcover
   8,000 KRW

Stepping Stones

2003 Marks the one-hundredth anniverary of the immigration of the first Koreans to the United States of America. This minor exodus of Koreans was to Hawaii to satisfy the labor needs of the sugar plantations, presumably to offset the domination of workers by any one ethnis group. The historical and economic baskdrops have already been reports of the human side of such immigration, particularly where poverty is not the motivating force.

In Stepping Stones, the social forces at work in the lives of two individuals who meet and fall in love in the New World, are revealed. Further, the outcome of their encounter which leads to the evolution of a new genealogy in their adopted land is documented both as to the number of their progency and their contributions to society in America.

새로운 세계에서 무엇이 그들을 기다리고 있는지 모른 채 떠나 때론 성공과 때론 실패로, 하와이 다민족 사회 속에서 문화적 통합의 미지의 통로들을 따라 하나의 길을 만들어 가는 두 한국 이민자들의 인생을 그리고 있다.

Chapter 1. Honorable Father
Chapter 2. A Wet, Slippery Rock
Chapter 3. Unexpected Changes
Chapter 4. Toward Tong-Hae, The Eastern Sea
Chapter 5. A Brief Historical Backdrop
Chapter 6.Rocks In Tong-Hae
Chapter 7. Is This Really Pradise?
Chapter 8. Shipwreck
Chapter 9. Another Slippery Rock
Chapter 10. Crossing Tae-Pyung-Yang, The Pacific Ocean
Chapter 11. Encounter With Fraud
Chapter 12.Personal Selection
Chapter 13. The Early Years Together
Chapter 14. On With Life
Chapter 15. Korean Community Life and Solidarity
Chapter 16. Childrens' Portraits Before WW II
Chapter 17. December 7, 1941
Chapter 18. Postwar Changes
Chapter 19. Korean War And Events After The Truce
Chapter 20.The End of The Beginning

Compelling life of ordinary people
October 19, 2006 By D. Roberts

This small history of two Koreans who met and created a life together in Hawaii offers fascinating insights into many tidbits of the American experience. It is told in a touchingly straight-forward way by a Korean-American physician about her own parents and family.
Starting in Korea during the years before World War II, the story follows the author's mother and father as they leave behind their their homeland and journey seperately to Hawaii, where they meet each other, marry and raise a family. The book's charm lies not in any epic passages or literary fireworks, but in the very simplicity of the story and the essential ordinariness of the protagonists.
Although the homeland and culture of the the author's parents are quite different from typical Americans, their struggle to survive, prosper, and raise a family in a new environment is simply a new face on an essential story. It reflects the life and aspirations of millions of immigrant families from all over the world who left behind everything familiar and came to America to pursue dreams unattainable in their land of birth. It is the story of the ancestors of most Americans.

Moving Tribute!
March 25, 2004 By A. Tesauro

This beautiful tale of endurance and love follows a man and a woman from their seperate roots in Korea to their meeting in a far land. Colorfully written, the book offers glimpses of traditional culture and a history of Hawaiian immigration. This is a moving tribute to the heart-wrenching obstacles faced by those in search of a better life. Bravo!

Wonderful book!!
February 2, 2004 By A Customer

This is a wonderful book about the journey of two Korean immigrants to the United States and how they meet, fall in love, and raise a family in America. It gives a view of Korean life at the turn of the century and of life in Hawaii through WWII. Whether you are Korean American, an immigrant (or child of one)from another country, or simply looking for a heart-warming story, this book should be especially interesting.