Hollym Corp., Publishers


Lee Wade's Korean Cookery【이 웨이드 한국요리】
by Edited by Joan Rutt & S.Mattielli
   96 p
   15.5 x 23 cm / 250 color plates. spiral binding
   10,000 KRW

This book describes 55 popular Korean recipes with concise and easy-to-follow instructions. It includes meats, fish, soups, vegetable salads and desserts. Every recipe in this book has been thoroughly tested to make sure it can be prepared with ease and confidence by cooks who are unfamiliar with Korean ingredients and cooking techniques. Step-by-step preparations are illustrated in full color.

이 웨이드 한국요리 육류, 어류, 국, 야채 샐러드와 후식 요리 등이 실려 있다. 한국음식의 재료와 조리법을 잘 모르는 사람도 쉽게 배울 수 있게 단계별 조리법이 컬러 사진과 함께 실려 있다.

Lee wade was genuinely and deeply interested in cooking. Although at college she majored in history, her greater enthusiasm was for culinary affairs. As a schoolgirl she enjoyed helping to prepare food for large groups at summer camps; for the last ten years of her life, while she was working full time as a librarian with the Eighth US Army Recreation Services in Seoul and bringing up two small boys, she nevertheless found time to prepare several elaborate dinner parties at home every month, occasionally for as many as twenty guests at a time.