Hollym Corp., Publishers


Practical Korean Cooking (2nd edition)【실용 한국요리】
by Noh Chin-hwa. Copyreader: Shirley A. Dorow
   214 p
   18.5 x 25.5 cm / full color. hardcover
   25,000 KRW
   China, Russia

This book offers the first real 192 recipes in English of genuine Korean cookery. Not only the most popular and well-known dishes are here, but also many known only to the Korean palate. Its delicate flavors and subtle combinations of basic ingredients have a unique appeal even for the Westerners.

한국요리: 한국음식 192가지의 요리법이 담겨 있다. 가장 인기있는 음식의 요리법뿐만 아니라 외국인에게는 잘 알려지지 않은 음식도 소개되었다. 섬세한 양념과 재료를 잘 섞어 만든 요리는 서양인에게도 뛰어난 맛을 제공한다.

Noh Chin-hwa graduated from Seoul National University with a degree in Home Economics. Since her marriage she has put her natural talent in cooking as well as in flower arranging and painting to good use. She has contributed articles and pictures to women's magazines, and used to give lectures at Home Economics' College and Women's Institutes.