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[Culture and History]
Introduction To Korean History And Culture 신한국사 입문
by Andrew C. Nahm
   392 p
   14 x 21.5 cm / 16 maps and 87 photos. hardcover
   15000 KRW

The purpose of this book is to present the history and culture of Korea to meet the needs of the general reader. While providing essential historical and cultural background of the Korean people, emphasis is given to the process of transformation of the ancient Korean society into an aristocratic/feudalistic state first, and then into a modern nation. Unlike other Korean history books, this includes various aspects of radical changes that took place under the Communist rule after 1945 in the northern half of Korea.

신한국사 입문 일반독자들이 한국의 역사와 문화에 대해 알고자 하는 바를 담고 있다. 한국인의 역사와 문화의 배경을 설명하 는 한편, 고대사회에서 귀족, 봉건, 현대국가로 변모해 가는 과정을 특히 중점적으로 다루었다.

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1. The Dawn of Korean History
2. The Three Kingdoms and Unified Shilla, 57 B.C. – 936 A.D.
3. Social, Economic, and Cultural Development,
4. The Society and Culture of Koryo, 918-1392
5. The Sinified Korea of the Yi Dynasty, 1392-1860
6. The Twilight of the Yi Dynasty, 1860-1910
7. The Struggle for National Liberation and Restoration, 1910-1945
8. The Liberation, Partition, and Emergence of the Two Korean States, 1945-1950
9. The Korean War, 1950-1953
10. Poster North Korea, 1953-
11. South Korea, Political History After 1953
12. Development and Modernization of South Korea, 1953-

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The last Andrew C. Nahm was born and raised in Korea and went to the United States for his academic degrees of B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. in Asian history. He was a Professor of Asian History and Director of the Center for Korean Studies at Western Michigan University. Dr. Nahm published many articles and books on Korea and international relations of Korea. Through his teaching and publications, Professor Nahm made a significant contribution to the growth of Korean studies in the United States.