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Folk Tales From Korea 【한국 옛날 이야기】
by In-Sob Zong
   258 p
   14 x 21.5 cm / 15 b/w plates. hardcover
   15000 KRW

"There tales present a glimpse of Korean society which is not obscured by the heavy mask of classical tradition. The family ethics of Confucianism appears not as they are enshrined in the Classics, but as they are worked out in the lives of the people, and sometimes of the animals."

한국 옛날 이야기 여기에 실린 99가지 예화는 다양하고 재미있고 환상적이며 아이러니하고 가끔은 도덕적이다. 전통의 두꺼운 가 면에 가려지지 않는 한국사회의 단면을 보여준다. 유교주의적 가족윤리가 사람들의 삶 속에 잘 드러나 있다.

The last In-Sob Zong(1905-1983) graduated from Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan and studied at the University of London, United Kingdom. Books in English from same author are "International Phonetic Transcriptions of Korean Speech-Sounds", "Modern Short Stories from Korea", "An Anthology of Modern Poems in Korea".