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2012-11-09 16:27

Inside Korea: Discovering the People and Culture
Lee Eung-chel et al; Hollym: 512 pp., 12,800 won 
This book, published in association with the Hyundai Motor Group available in both Korean and English versions, aims to help readers better understand Korea. 
It covers a wide range of topics about Korea from geography, history, politics, and economics to society, culture, religion, technology and industry. It also deals with the relationship between South and North Korea and cultural differences with other countries.
The book consists of three parts ― a brief introduction to Korea; information about eight categories along with two special commentaries on North-South Korea relations and cultural differences between the East and West; and an appendix.
It will offer general information at a glance in a handy sized book. The publication will continue to be updated and distributed around the world.
― Chung Ah-young

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