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13-02-12 14:35
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Hollym publisher (www.hollym.co.kr) participates in EDUCARE 2012 held on 12-15, April at COEX, SEOUL to show varied baby-children picture books.
(Photo: 'Hello, the Moon' by 'Hayashi akiko' a famous Japanese author)
Picture books of Hollym can be chosen following growth phase of children and  condition of brain development.
They have provided varied baby-children picture books of Japan 'Bokeumdan' to Korea, espectially 'Hello, the Moon' a main product has sold over one million copies. Above this, they are publishing varied books for humanities, history, practical and others including 'Science is my friend' aims at elementary school students.
Meanwhile, The 26th International EDUCARE Fair(www.educare.co.kr) is the domestic longest exhibition, 140 companies which achieved a safety certification(organic, eco-environment, products ingredients, KC certification etc) are allowed to attend at this exhibition to enhance reliability.
Above these, varied convenient facilities like a breast-feed room, a lounge and others are prepared for parents and children, also people can check varied additional events like a Mom-school, an English education seminar and others on EDUCARE 2012 public home page:  www.educare.co.kr.
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by Clare Jang (www.aving.net)

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