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12-08-04 21:42
[Press] "Special Lecture on Korean Paintings" on Korea Herald
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<Ways to appreciate traditional Korean art>
Special Lecture on Korean Paintings
By Oh Ju-seok
Of the many experts on Korean traditional art and paintings, the late scholar and author Oh Ju-seok had his own way of appreciating them.
Oh believed one should "see them through the eyes of the past, and feel with the heart of the past," while trying to imagine what the art must have meant for the people in those days.
One of his popular books on Korean traditional art, "Special Lecture on Korean Paintings" was posthumously translated into English and published last month. Originally published in Korean in 2003, the book offers Oh's insights on how to appreciate Korea's traditional paintings, the traditional philosophy and values embedded in them, as well as the history and culture of the late Joseon Dynasty period.
Arguably the most important chapter of this book is the first, where Oh shares the three principles he thinks one should use when trying to appreciate traditional Korean paintings.
One has to do with the distance between the viewer and the art.
"Whether Western art or Asian art, the best distance from which to appreciate a painting is about equal to its diagonal length, Oh writes in the book. ¡°If you are a very laid-back kind of a person, then you could stand back about 1.5 times the length of the diagonal."

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