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12-08-04 18:51
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Two books search for Korea's beauty
For those looking for a travel book with content divided by region, "Korean Journeys: Heartland of Culture and History" is the perfect guide.
January 29, 2011
A Journey in Search of Korea's Beauty
Stuck with no plans for next week's Lunar New Year holiday? Two recently published travel books offer insights on Korean getaways that are both well-traveled and off the beaten path.
"A Journey in Search of Korea's Beauty" has been a hot seller due to a record number of foreign tourists exploring Korea's history and natural beauty.
This book stands out because it is a first-person account by one of Asia's most famous actors, Bae Yong-joon.
The strongest point of "A Journey in Search of Korea's Beauty" is its honest portrayal of the subject matter. Bae explores his country in search of its "beauty."
However, the book can hardly be considered a "deep" look into the country. He focuses on kimchi-making, hanbok, temple stays, tea, pottery, Hangul, museums, hanok and other well-known aspects of Korea. Nevertheless, the book's plain table of contents is given some life simply because it is from Bae's perspective.
The book is divided into six parts: "Staying," "Leaving," "Letting go," "Contemplating," "Returning," and "Leaving, Once Again." (Yes, there two "Leaving" sections). It also includes useful routes and maps at the end of the book.
Fans of the actor will be delighted to see his pictures of scenic places in Korea. But they will be even happier to sort through dozens of photos of Bae in action: trying local food, learning to make pottery and drinking tea with a monk.
A Journey in Search of Korea's Beauty
Author: Bae Yong-joon
Genre: Travel
Publisher: Hollym
By Lee Sun-min

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