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12-08-04 19:03
[Press] Author of "A Slow Walk through Jeong-dong" as a guest of TBS EFM
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Michael Gibb, the author of "A Slow Walk through Jeong-dong" is scheduled to show up on "The Steve Hatherly Show," TBS EFM 101.3 Mhz at 3:00 pm, Feb. 8, 2011.
In "A Slow Walk through Jeong-dong," he narrates a day spent exploring the Jeong-dong neighborhood in Seoul. Starting at dawn as a day breaks and continuing through the day, he tells a rich story in Korean history and meaning while avoiding heavy historical facts.
Michael Gibb is planning to share more stories about the book in detail on the radio show tomorrow.
<Michael Gibb>
British-born Michael Gibb has worked as an editor, reporter, copywriter, university lecturer and broadcaster since moving to East Asia in 1992. His work has appeared in Time, South China Morning Post, Asia Sentinel, The Guardian and several regional travel magazines. He lived in Jeong-dong while he was deputy editor-in-chief at the JoongAng Daily and studied Korean at Yonsei University.

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