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12-08-04 17:43
[Press] "Together Day" for Expats (Korea Herald, May 20)
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The first "Together Day," aimed at promoting cultural understanding and social integration among foreign residents and Koreans, will be marked today with a ceremony at Olympic Park, southeastern Seoul.
About 1,500 people will join the event, including Justice Minister Kim Kyung-han, Gender Equality Minister Byun Do-yoon, representatives from foreign embassies, more than 1,000 immigrants through marriage, about 80 migrant workers and over 300 foreign students here, officials said.
"In the era of globalization, cultural diversity determines national competitiveness and will serve as a dynamo for national advancement," Prime Minster Han Seung-soo said yesterday in a statement marking the special day.
"The government will make Korea a mature global nation that breathes together with the world," he added.
From today through May 26, various cultural events will be held. KBS's Open Concert will be held at the KBS building in Seoul today. Scholars and government officials will also hold a Multicultural Forum on Wednesday to discuss how to promote social harmony. All national museums and galleries will be open to foreigners free of charge throughout the week.
Demonstrating its commitment to forging a climate of openness toward foreign people in the increasingly multicultural society, the government designated the special day last year in the nation's first law dealing with treatment of foreign residents here.
The law, which took effect on July 18, 2007, entails provisions ensuring protection of foreigners' fundamental rights, and various assistance to help them better adapt to Korean society.

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