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12-08-04 21:14
[New Release] Contemporary Korean Arts Series 1-4
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Art Council Korea (ARKO) is a state funded, non-profit organization. The main aim of the Council is to make the arts more central to the lives of the Korean citizens by supporting arts organizations and artists in and abroad through grant-giving services and programs.
This time to promote Korean arts worldwide, ARKO devoted to the Contemporary Korean Arts Series enriched by the expert staffs of artists and educators. The splendid new series offers an introduction to the remarkable history and current status of Korean arts as a lively and informative discussion of the treasures within. Each of every volume contains color pictures lavishly display the glories of the Korean arts.
1. Daehangno: Theater District in Seoul
2. Diaspora: Korean Nomadism
3. Harmonia Koreana: A Short History of 20th-century Korean Music 
4. City as Art: 100 Notable Works of Architecture in Seoul
*More titles of the Contemporary Korean Arts Series forthcoming

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