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12-08-04 21:40
[INFO] Exhibitions on Korean Paintings
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To Hollym's newly released Special Lecture on Korean Paintings, useful information on the exhibitions you can further understand traditional Korean paintings is listed below.
***National Museum of Korea
"Joseon Painters as Envoys to China"
The National Museum of Korea is a place where you can explore the essence of Korean arts and culture. The museum combines Korean history, life, and arts, from hand axes of the Paleolithic period, to celadons of the Goryeo dynasty, to paintings of the Joseon dynasty, to modern photography.
***Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art
"The court painters of Joseon Dynasty"
Samsung Museum of Art, has dedicated himself to both the preservation of Korean art history and the exhibition of modern and contemporary works by Korean and foreign artists.
***Gyeomjae Jeong Seon Memorial Museum
The gallery introduces Jeong Seon's life and art. Exhibited works include paintings by Jeong Seon and other related painters.
***Seoul Calligraphy Art Museum [Seoul Arts Center]
"Hello, Genius Artists of Joseon Dynasty"
This special exhibition held at Seoul Arts Center represents masterpieces of Joseon artists Kim Hong-do and Sin Saimdang.

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