[Korean Culture Series 4] Korean Landscape Painting: Continuity and Innovation through the Ages


Yi Song-mi


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The narrative and illustrations of this book are generally presented by historical period, including“ The Three Kingdoms and the Unified Silla Periods,” “The Goryeo and Early Joseon Periods,” “The Mid-Joseon Period,” “The Late Joseon Period,”and “The Late Nineteenth to the Early Twentieth Century.” Through an abundance of color illustrations and detailed accounts, readers can appreciate the elegant beauty of Korean landscape paintings and understand their historical background.

산수화는 서양의 자연의 외관을 그린 풍경화와 달리 동양인들의 산수자연에 대한 독특한 미감과 심오한 사유가 담긴 그림이다. 이 책에서는 시대별로 한국 산수화가 발전되어 온 과정을 고찰하며 대표적 작품을 예로 들며 독자의 이해를 돕고 있다.. 즉, 삼국시대, 통일신라시대, 고려시대, 조선초기, 조선중기, 조선후기, 19세기 말~20세기 초로 구분된다. 다채로운 일러스트레이션과 구체적 설명을 풍부하게 제공함으로써 독자들은 한국 산수화가 갖는 우아한 아름다움과 그 역사적 배경을 감상할 수 있다.



I. Introduction: Continuity and Innovation in Korean Landscape Painting

II. Formative Stages: The Three Kingdoms and the Unified Silla Periods
Historical Overview
Goguryeo Tomb Murals
The Baekje and Silla Kingdoms

III. Crosscurrents: The Goryeo and the Early Joseon Periods
Historical Overview
Landscape Painting of the Goryeo Dynasty
Landscape Painting of the Early Joseon Period

IV. Koreanization of Chinese Landscape Styles: The Mid-Joseon Period
Historical Overview
Transformation of the Zhe and the Li-Guo School Styles
Roots of True-View Landscape Painting
Beginning of Southern School Literati Painting

V. Korean Inspiration: True-View Landscape Painting of the Late Joseon Period
Historical and Intellectual Background
Jeong Seon (1676-1759)
Jeong Seon’s Contemporaries and Followers
The Second Phase of True-View Landscape Painting:
Gang Se-hwang, Kim Hong-do and His Contemporaries

VI. Waning of the Korean Tradition: The Late Nineteenth to the Early Twentieth Century
Historical Overview
Southern School Literati Landscape Painting
The Last Phase of True-View Landscape Painting
True-View Landscape Painting into the Twentieth Centruy

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Yi Song-mi 이성미
Yi Song-mi is Professor Emerita of Art History at the Academy of Korean Studies. Previously, she served ad Dean of the Graduate School of Korean Studies at the Academy.
Prior to her tenure ate the Academy, she taught at Duksung Women's University in Seoul and also served as the Director of the University Museum there, She was a member of the National History Council of Korea and served as the President of Korean Art History Assciation.
Overseas she is member of the editorial board of Archives of Asian Art and of the Internaional Council of the Asia Society in New York.
Professor Yi was educated at Seoul National University (B.A.), the University of California at Berkeley (M.A.), and Princeton University where she receved a Ph.D. degree in Art History.
Her recent publications on Korean painting include Fragrance of Ink: Korean Literati Paintings of the Choson Dynasty (co-authored, Korean and English, 1996), Western influence on Korean Painting of the Choson Dynasty (in Korean, 2000) and Fragrance, Elegance, and Virtue: Korean Women in Tranditional Arts and Humanities (2002). An avid traveler, she wrote about her adventures in the Architectural Treasures of the World: A Personal Perspective (in Korean, 2002, revised ed., 2004).
Since the early 1990s, she has been conducting detailed research into the court documents of the Joseon dynasty known as "uigwe" (book of state rites). She published numerous articles (3 in English) and two monographs on this subject in Korean. Both of them, Royal Wedding Related Uigwes and Art History (2008) and Royal Portrait Related Uigwes and Art History (2012), won prestigious book awards in 2009 and 2012 respectively. She was also conferred a medal of the Order of Civil Merit in 2011 by the Korean Government in recognition for her contribution to the successful negotiation between the French and Korean governments for the return of the mostly uigwe books (mostly royal viewing copies) from France after 145years.
Recently, she accompanied her huband, Han Sung-Joo, to Washington, D.C. where Professor Han served as the Korean Ambassador to the United Sates (2003-2005). Professor Yi now resides in Seoul with her husband, but frequently visits her son, who lives in California, U.S.A., with his wife and two children.