[Korean Culture Series 5] Modern Korean Ink Painting


Chung Hyung-Min


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This book seeks to define how the term “modern” should be applied to Korean art, while exploring its evolution over roughly a hundred years, from the opening of Korea’s ports to outside trade in 1876 through the 1980s. The purpose of this book, with its detailed explanations and related images, is to further understanding of how Korean art and the times it represented are closely related.

이 책은 한국 미술에 “모던”이라는 용어가 어떻게 정의되는지 탐구한다. 또한 1876년 개항기로부터 1980년대까지 약 100여 년 동안 한국의 현대 미술이 어떻게 진화되었는지를 보여준다. 상세한 해설과 관련 이미지들이 수록된 이 책은 한국 미술이 갖는 시대적 연관성에 대한 이해를 돕는다.

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I. Dawn of the Modern Age: 1876-1910s
1. The Legendary Painter Jang Seung-eop
2. Pragmatism
3. The Legacy of Court Painting
4. The Last Literati Painters: The Legacy of Kim Jeong-hui
5. Personal Dialogues with Shanghai
Min Yeong-ik
Kim Gyu-jin
Kim Yeong-gi
6. Popularization and New Technology
7. Western Visitors
8. Trade Painting
9. Dawn of the Modern Age: Summary

II. The Modern Art Era in Korea: 1920s-1940s
1. The Beginnings of Modern Art Theory
New Terminology for Art
Art Criticism in the 1920s
Professional Art Theorists of the 1930s
2. The Institutionalization of Dongyanghwa and the Joseon Fine Arts Exhibition
3. Studying Abroad
Influence of Nanga
Influence of Nihonga
4. Nationalism: 1930s
Literati Painting Tradition as Pan-Asianism
Local Identity and Local Color
The Rural Genre
The Urban Genre
Topographical Landscape
Historical Painting
5. Retreat from Reality: 1940s

III. Perpetuation of Nationalism: 1950s-1980s
1. Decolonization and Indigenization: 1950s
2. Experimentation with Modernistic Forms: 1960s
Avant-Gardism through Abstraction in Sumuk
Exploration of Materiality
3. Celebrating the Past: 1970s
4. Confrontation of Sumuk Abstractionism and Local Color: 1980s

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Chung Hyung-Min 정형민
Chung Hyung-Min is Professor of Art History at Seoul National University and the Director of the Seoul National University Museum of Art (MoA), which opened in June 2006. She also served as Director of Art Galleries at the Seoul Arts Center from 1999 to 2001. She is currently the President of the Korea Society of Art Theories, an organization comprised of leading university-teachers of art history, museum experts and art critics in Korea.
Dr. Chung received her B.A. from wellesley College in art history (European art history) and an M.A. from the University of Michigan (Asian art history). She also studied Chinese language and literature at the University of Pennsylvania. She received her Ph. D. form Columbia University, where she wrote her doctoral dissertation on late Joseon Dynasty painting. Recently, she has been publishing extensively on Korean and Chinese modern art.