[Korean Culture Series 8] Buddhist Sculpture of Korea


Kim Lena


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This book provides a comprehensive overview of the Buddhist sculpture of Korea, from the Three Kingdoms Period through the Joseon Dynasty. Especially, the author provides in-depth descriptions of Buddhist sculpture from the Joseon era and demonstrates how Buddhist art remained alive and well in the everyday life of the common people.

이 책에서는 삼국시대에서 조선왕조에 이르기까지 한국 불상에 대한 종합적인 개요가 소개된다. 특히 이 책의 저자는 조선 시대 불교 조각품에 대한 심도 깊은 묘사와 함께 불교 미술이 서민들의 일상 속에서 어떻게 생생하게 살아 전해졌는지를 입증한다

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I. Buddhist Sculptures of the Three Kingdoms Period
1. Beginning of Buddhist Images
2. Early Phase of Buddhist Images
3. Stone Images in situ: Diverse Iconography and Style
4. Late Phase and Emergence of New Styles
5. Korean Connections with Japanese Images

II. Buddhist Sculptures of the Unified Silla Dynasty
1. Three Kingdoms Traditions and New Phases in the Late Seventh Century
2. King Munmu and Royal Patronag
3. International Style in the Eighth Century
4. Buddhist Pantheon in Seokguram Grotto and Late Eighth-century Images
5. Diverse Types and Establishment of Silla Sculptural Style in the Ninth Century
6. Sculptures on Pagodas and Monks’ Memorial Stupas

III. Goryeo Dynasty Buddhist Sculptures
1. Early Goryeo Sculptures
2. Establishment of Late Goryeo Style and Diverse Chinese Influence

IV. Joseon Dynasty Buddhist Sculptures
1. Buddhist Sculptures of the Early Joseon Period
2. Resurgence of Image-making and Establishment of Late Joseon Sculptural Style



Kim Lena 김리나
Professor Kim Lena majored in History at Seoul National University, and studied Art History at the Graduate School of Harvard University and received her PhD. in 1972. A Professor of Korean Art and Buddhist Art at Hongik University, in Seoul, she has since retired, as of February 2007. Today, she actively participates in a variety of art history-related projects, along with serving as a member of the Advisory Committee of Cultural Properties Administration and ICOMOS-Korea.
Professor Kim has written several books and a number of articles, on the comparative analysis of Korea’s Buddhist sculptures, in Korean and Japanese as well as English. Her major publications in English include Arts of Korea (co-authored with Chewon Kim, Kodansha International, Tokyo, 1974), and the sections on Korean Buddhist sculpture in the exhibition catalogues Arts of Korea (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 1998) and Transmitting the Forms of Divinity: Early Buddhist Art from Korea and Japan (Japan Society, New York, 2003). Her noteworthy books in Korean include Hanguk godae bulgyojogaksa yeongu (A Study of the Ancient Korean Buddhist Sculptures, Ilchogak, Seoul, 1989) and Hanguk godae bulgyojogak bigyoyeongu (Comparative Studies of Ancient Korean Buddhist Sculptures, Munye chulpansa, Seoul, 2003). She has also compiled Hanguk jogaksa nonjeohaeje (Annotated Bibliography on Korean Sculptures, Sigongsa, Seoul, 2001). Her numerous articles focus mainly on Korean Buddhist sculpture, but also deal with painting and applied arts.