Korean Mother’s Easy Recipes


Yoon Okhee, Chae Jinjoo


Food & Cook



Publication Date

October, 2019


18.5 ⅹ 23.5cm


20,000 KRW






Learn how to make traditional Korean dishes at home with easy-to-follow illustrations.
The author, who has taught Korean cooking to students from all over the world for 20 years, has selected 40 Korean recipes that are fun and easy to make. Main dish, side dish and dessert recipes are illustrated with step-by-step instructions so even beginners can easily follow them. The book also includes special dishes for hosting parties. After practicing Korean cooking and different cuisine from all over the world and teaching Korean cooking at the Blue House Korean Food Experience Center, Cheong Wa Dae Sarangchae, the author has written a book that anyone can follow and enjoy traditional Korean food in the easiest way.



A Word from the Author • 5
About the Author • 6

Korean Cuisine
1. Understanding Korean Cuisine • 10
2. Ingredients for Korean Cuisine • 13
3. Condiments for Korean Cuisine • 14
4. Garnishes for Korean Cuisine • 18
5. Basic Cooking Techniques for Korean Cuisine • 19

Chapter 1
Main Dish
Bap (Rice) • 26
Ogokbap (Steamed Five-grain Rice) • 30
Bibimbap • 34
Gimbap • 38
Hobakjuk (Pumpkin Porridge) • 42
Jatjuk (Pine Nut Porridge) • 42
Guksu-jangguk (Noodles in Hot Beef-based Broth) • 46
Mul-naengmyeon (Cold Buckwheat Noodles) • 50
Mandut-guk (Dumpling Soup) • 54

Chapter 2
Side Dish - Guk
Sogogimut-guk (Beef and Radish Soup) • 60
Miyeok-guk (Seaweed Soup) • 64
Sigeumchi Doenjang-guk (Spinach Soybean Paste Soup) • 68

Side Dish - Banchan
Kimchi-jjigae (Kimchi Stew) • 74
Sundubu-jjigae (Soft Bean Curd Stew) • 78
Neobiani (Marinated Grilled Beef Slices) • 82
Dubugui (Pan-fried Bean Curd) • 86
Galbi-jjim (Braised Short Ribs) • 90
Maeun Dak-jjim (Spicy Braised Chicken) • 94
Godeungeo-jorim (Braised Mackerel) • 98
Kimchi-jeon (Kimchi Pancake) • 102
Modum-jeon (Assorted Savory Pancakes) • 106
Bindaetteok (Mung Bean Pancake) • 110
Haemul-pajeon (Seafood and Green Onion Pancake) • 114
Tteokbokki (Spicy Stir-fried Rice Cakes) • 118
Jeyuk-bokkeum (Spicy Stir-fried Pork) • 122
Ttukbaegi-bulgogi (Hot Pot Bulgogi) • 126
Oi-kimchi (Cucumber Kimchi) • 130
Baechu-kimchi (Kimchi) • 134
Kkakdugi (Diced Radish Kimchi) • 138
Nabak-kimchi (Spicy Water Kimchi) • 142
Samsaek-namul (Three Seasoned Vegetables) • 146

Chapter 3
Special Dish
Sinseollo (Royal Hot Pot) • 152
Gujeolpan (Platter of Nine Delicacies) • 158
Japchae (Stir-fried Glass Noodles and Vegetables) • 164
Gungjung-tteokbokki (Royal Stir-fried Rice Cakes) • 168
Samgyetang (Ginseng Chicken Soup) • 172
Bossam (Napa Wraps with Pork) • 176

Chapter 4
Dessert and Drinks
Baekseolgi (Snow White Rice Cake) • 182
Hwajeon (Pan-fried Flower Rice Cake) • 186
Omija-hwachae (Omija Punch) • 190
Sujeonggwa (Cinnamon Punch) • 194

Index • 198


Recipes and Cooking
Mother Yoon Okhee
Researcher of Korean Cuisine, Master Craftsman Cook and Doctor of Science
Yoon Ok-hee majored in food and nutrition and went on to lecture at the university level. She lived in Japan for 4 years where she became interested in food from different parts of the world. Returning to Korea, she learned Korean traditional cuisine from Professor Kang In-hee, a master of Joseon period cuisine, and grew her knowledge and passion for Korean cuisine after studying, a Korean traditional
medical book, . In addition to more than 20 years of operating her own cooking academy and lecturing at universities, Yoon has expanded her expertise through the Korean family restaurant Sannae Deulnae, the Korea Food and Culture Institute, and the Cheong Wa Dae Sarangchae Korean Food Experience Center. She now hopes to share the true taste and value of Korean cuisine to her daughter and all those who are interested in Korean cuisine.

Daughter Chae Jinjoo
Illustrator & Doll Artist
After studying Visual Design, she began working as an illustrator and doll artist. Ever since she was young, Chae has always been interested in drawing, crafts, and the colorful dishes her mother made for her. But her passion was more focused on eating the food rather than the cooking itself. Her interest in cooking grew as she became a mother who tries to regularly make healthy and delicious meals for her children. She is now ready to learn the taste and value of Korean cuisine from her mother.