Korean Phrase Book for Travelers (Revised Edition)


Kim Jung-sup at al.





Publication Date

November, 2012




12,000 KRW






Designed for Use as a Quick Reference Tool and Easy Study!

Learn the basic expressions needed for:
▶ Travel and Transportation
▶ Shopping, Sightseeing, and Services
▶ Food Lists and Restaurants
▶ Health, Medical, Emergency Situations
▶ Entertainment and Amusements
… and much more.

All the Words and Phrases You Need
When Traveling in Korea

Korean Phrase Book for Travelers is designed to help foreign travelers in Korea directly communicate with Koreans while traveling. The book contains essential Korean expressions for those who want to make most of the Korean language for the various situations that you might encounter during a trip. Topics and situations are suggested in the same sequence as in a trip so you can easily look for the expressions you need.

In this book, reflecting the Korean colloquial form, the base ending form is “-아/어요” [-a/eoyo] which is currently often used in daily conversations. Also, the book carries some of the expected questions and answers that you might have in daily conversations so that you have a better understanding of interactive conversations. When pattern drill is possible with different words, substitute words are offered. Every sentence is accompanied by pronunciations and you will find a reference section at the back of this book which will extend your application.

Along with situational Korean expressions, the book contains a pronunciation and a grammar guide section to help you understand basic Korean sentence structure and grammar at the beginning of the book. Supportive pronunciation and reference guides, practical tips on Korean culture and etiquette which comes with each expression will also be a great help to the travelers. At the back of this book, you will be able to refer to the variety of Korean vocabulary.

Even more, all the Korean expressions in the book are spelled in the Roman alphabet to best guide you to correct reading and pronunciation. Foreign travelers in Korea could definitely better communicate with the aid of this book to best enjoy the beautiful country.

한국을 여행할 땐 꼭 챙기자!
입국에서 출국까지 상황별로 정리한 여행 맞춤 회화집

1987년 출간되어 꾸준히 사랑 받아 온 Hollym의 스테디셀러 『Korean Phrase Book for Travelers』가 2012년 새롭게 개정판을 출간한다. 이 책은 한국을 여행하는 외국인들이 항상 휴대하며 상황에 맞는 표현을 바로 찾아 사용할 수 있도록 하고자 기획되었으며, 특히 이번 개정판에서는 한국에 도착하는 순간부터 한국을 떠나는 순간까지 만나게 되는 각종 상황과 환경을 최대한 고려하여 필수적인 표현과 어휘를 재정비하였다.

이번 개정판에 수록 된 문장 표현들은 모두 일상적인 한국어 사용에 적합하도록 구어체에 가깝게 정리하였다. 수록된 문장들 중 실제 외국인 여행자가 쓰지 않을 표현이라 하더라도 상대방의 말을 이해하는 데 도움이 되도록 상황에 따라 대화 문장도 함께 구성해 두었다. 또한 각 표현과 문장에는 실제 상황에 따라 필요한 내용을 대입해 사용할 수 있도록 참조할 추가 표현과 내용을 함께 정리해두었다. 뿐만 아니라 이 책의 모든 표현과 문장은 로마자로 발음이 표기되어 있어 한국어 기초가 없는 독자도 현장에서 바로 응용할 수 있도록 했다.

이 책의 본문에는 여행을 하는 데 필요한 기본적인 표현과 문장을 중심으로 구성해두었다면, 앞 부분에는 심화 학습을 원하는 독자를 위해 한국어 발음, 문법의 기본적인 구성과 기능, 그리고 문장 구조를 따로 엮어 한국어에 대한 전반적인 이해와 학습이 가능하게 했다. 이 책의 뒷부분에 구성된 부록에는 참고할 만한 다양한 표현들을 모아두어 기본 문장에 응용할 수 있도록 했고, 필수 어휘도 따로 묶어 학습자의 편의에 따라 활용할 수 있도록 했다.


Preface _ 서문
Introduction to Korean _ 한글 기초 소개
Pronunciation Guide _ 발음 가이드
Grammar Guide _ 문법 가이드

Greetings Answering│Asking for Favors│Showing Appreciation│Apologizing│
Asking a Question│Complimenting│Expressing Emotion

When Boarding│On the Plane│Flight Service│In-flight Problems│Transfer│
Immigration│Baggage Claim│Customs│Tourist Information Center│Transportation

Locating Money Exchange│At the Money Exchange

To the Hotel│Reservation│Checking-in│Changing Rooms│With the Desk Clerk│
Using Facilities│In the Room│Problems│Service│Ordering│Checking-out│Youth Hostel
MOVING AROUND TOWN: By Taxi│By Bus│By Subway│Moving Around

General Expressions│Express Bus│Train│Airplane
DRIVING: Renting a Car│Dealing with an Accident│Gas Station│Auto Repair│Parking│
Road Signs│Asking Directions

Telephone│Making International Calls│At the Post Office│Using the Internet

Meeting for the First Time│After a Long Time│With Locals│Making New Friends│
Making Appointments│Inviting│Turning Down Requests│Saying Good-bye

Asking about the Sights│Finding a Tourist Information Center│Ticket Purchase│
Asking about Schedule│Taking Pictures│Tourist Service│Finding Location

Locating Restaurants │Drinking Coffee and Tea│Street Food

In General│Department Store│Duty-free Store│Jewelery│Clocks & Watches│
Cosmetics Store│Music Store│Clothing Store│Souvenir Shop│Bookstore & Stationery Store│Shoe Store│Photo Studio│Supermarket│Local Products│Gift Wrapping│Exchange & Refund

Exhibition│Cinema│Theater & Concert Hall│Game│Noraebang│Club│

Checking-in at the Hospital│Terms for Symptoms│Medical Condition│
Acupressure and Other Therapy

When Feeling Sick│Fire│Car Accident│Theft or Loss│When Lost

Confirming│Plane Tickets Changing Flight Schedule│To the Airport│Returning

Reference Section _ 참고 표현
Vocabulary _ 단어 모음


Kim Jung-sup
경희대학교 국어국문학과 교수이며 국제교육원 원장으로 재직하고 있다.

Professor of Korean Language and Literature Department, Kyung Hee University
Ph. D. in Korean Etymology, Kyung Hee University
Dean of Institute of International Education
Board member of Multi Culture Network and King Sejong Institute
Former Chairman of The International Association of Korean Language Education
Major publications include The Understanding of Korean Language Education, etc.

Cho Hyun-yong
경희대학교 국제교육원 교수이며 한국어교육을 연구하고 있다.

Professor of Institute of International Education, Kyung Hee University
Ph. D. in Korean Vocabulary Education for Foreigner, Kyung Hee University
Currently working on developing Korean language textbooks and Korean language-culture education
Major publications include Korean Vocabulary Education for Foreigner, etc.

Lee Jung-hee
경희대학교 국제교육원 교수이며 외국어로서의 한국어교육을 연구하며 가르치고 있다.

Professor of Institute of International Education, Kyung Hee University
Ph. D. in Language Error Analysis of Korean Language Learner, Kyung Hee University
Currently working on learner language and course design of Korean as a second language
Major publications include A Study on Error Analysis of Korean Language Learner, etc.


A handy pocket-sized phrasebook which is perfect for visiters to Korea. Useful vocabulary and phrases are included - written in English, Korean and Romanized which help take the stress out of travelling. One of the most useful inclusions in the book is the guide to Hangeul which can help first time readers quickly understand the alphabet. Grammar and useful tips and information are also included. A 'must' for anyone looking to travel to Korea.
- Andrew Walker, Universty Student, UK