Time for Korean 2


Inshil Choe Yoon





Publication Date

April, 2009


18.2 x 25.7cm (soft cover)


12,000 KRW






During the last decade Korean language programs have been introduced in secondary and primary schools in the United States of America and the other countries. While the number and the backgrounds of students learning in the schools vary, one of the common difficulties in teaching the Korean language seems to be acquiring resources that satisfied both students and teachers. This book has been developed to cover some of the urgent needs in Korean language teaching at primary and intermediate schools in many English-speaking countries. These two books designed for beginners at upper primary and intermediate school levels. Based on a communicative approach, these books aim at fostering students' skills of listening and speaking Korean through various stimulating activities as well as learning relevant aspects of Korean culture. These books attempt to provide students with an opportunity to explore basic reading and writing skills which can consolidate the acquired oral/aural proficiency. Each unit consists of either two or three sets of a dialog and an oral task, classroom instructions, songs or chants, role-play, word checking, culture note, the Korean alphabet and a review. They are task- oriented and integrated for step-by-step Korean language learning with relevant audio input from a compact disc. Romanization of the Korean alphabet is provided in oral tasks and in other sections. It is advised, however, to listen to the CD for accurate pronunciation of Korean words. Games are fun and further enrich the Korean language learning experience in the classroom.

지난 10년 간 미국을 비롯한 여러 나라의 초 ∙ 중학교에서 한국어가 소개 되었다. 시장의 수요는 점차 늘어가고 있지만 교사와 학생 모두를 만족시킬 만한 교재는 많지 않았다. 이에 『Time for Korean 1&2』 는 기존의 교재에서 볼 수 없었던 쉽고 재미있는 구성으로 한국어를 배우고자 하는 학생들에겐 좋은 교재가, 한국어를 가르치는 교사들에겐 편리한 지침서가 되어 줄 것이다. 1, 2권으로 나눠진 『Time for Korean』은 한국어를 처음 배우는 초등학교 고학년과 중학생들이 말하기/듣기 능력을 집중적으로 훈련하여 일상생활에서 자연스러운 의사소통이 가능할 수 있도록 하였다. 특히 책에 소개되어 있는 한국의 다양한 문화를 접하고 배우는 과정에서 어렵지 않게 한국어를 체득할 수 있다. 이 책은 각 과에 2~3개의 대화문이 제시되고, 학생들은 이것을 따라 하면서 말하기 연습을 하게 된다. 또한 책에서 노래 부르기, 역할놀이, 단어 학습, 문화 익히기 등의 다양한 활동을 수행하면서 단계적으로 한국어를 알게 된다. 1, 2권 모두 오디오 CD가 들어 있어 생생한 한국어 발음을 들어볼 수 있다.


Inshil Choe Yoon
Dr. Inshil Choe Yoon teaches Korean courses, Writing Systems in East Asian Cultures and Translation courses in the School of Asian Studies in The University of Auckland. Brought up in Seoul, she graduated Seoul National University and gained her Ph.D. from The University of Auckland. As she has raised her children in New Zealand for over thirty years, she has committed herself to find efficient ways for children living in an English-speaking environment to improve their Korean language proficiency. This led her to writing articles and books to assist teachers and children learning Korean as a mother tongue of a foreign language.