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Korean Conversation Dictionary【한국어 회화 사전】
by Jung-sup Kim, Hyun-yong Cho & Jung-hee Lee
  592 p
  November, 2010
  16,500 KRW
Nourish your Korean language with a variety of colloquial words and expressions! COMPREHENSIVE / PRACTICAL / UP-TO-DATE Korean Conversation Dictionary for Foreigners is a comprehensive yet practical guide packed with the words and expressions most commonly used in everyda ...

Speaking Korean for Beginners (with Audio CD | Free MP3 Down…
by The National Institute of the Korean Language
  208 p
  April, 2006
  15,000 KRW
This book has been compiled so that readers can study the spoken aspect of the Korean language on their own, acquiring both fluency and accuracy through the CD that accompanies it. By not only incorporating useful expressions throughout the book, but also providing key insights i ...

[Young Readers]
Long Long Time Ago (2nd Edition): Korean Folk Tales【옛날…
by Dong-sung Kim
  128 p
  July, 2008
  15,000 KRW
From the times immemorial, folk tales and stories have delighted children everywhere. Children are most happy when they are listening to stories into sleep, and living the stories in their dreams. Sometimes the stories make them feel happy, sometimes sad, weak or strong, scared o ...

[Young Readers]
I Love Korea! (2nd Edition)【한국이 좋아요!】
by Andrew C.Nahm, B.J.Jones, & Gi-eun Lee
  86 p
  18,000 KRW
Stories included in this volume are those of the people who preserved their nationhood and maintained their unique culture with sound mind and positive purpose even during troubled times. Some songs and poems they loved to sing or recite and some old tales which reflect their wit ...

[Photo Book]
Postcards from Joseon 조선이 보내 온 엽서
by Seo Heun-Kang
  18 p
  June, 2012
  6,000 KRW
Sixteen useful postcards with beautiful images of the Korea’s old kingdom Joseon invites you to a exotic world. The pictures contain the images of palaces, royal tombs, and Jongmyo Shrine and Jongmyo Ancestral Ritual of Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910). The photographer explains his ...

[Travel and General Information]
Panmunjeom: Facts About The Korean DMZ (6th Edition) 판문…
by Wayne A. Kirkbride
  96 p
  9,000 KRW
Though not well-known to many outside Korea, Panmunjeom should be one of the most talked about places in the world, as it is the most heavily armed and potentially dangerous tracts of land anywhere on earth. Panmunjeom is a site on the de facto border between North and South Kore ...

[Travel and General Information]
A Journey in Search of Korea's Beauty (배용준의) …
by Bae Yong Joon
  432 p
  December, 2010
  22,000 KRW
Unfledged yet Earnest Record of a Journey in Search of Korea's Culture "A Journey in Search of Korea's Beauty" was a yearlong project that Bae Yong Joon undertook in order to learn more about traditional Korean culture from the unfledged yet earnest point of view of ...

[Photo Book]
World Heritage in Korea (2nd edition) 한국의 세계 유…
by Jae-sik Suh
  192 p
  April, 2011
  30,000 KRW
Korean cultural properties as a mirror of time attract many world citizens. Korean cultural heritage calmly stands the abrasion of time, but a mirror of the Korea's past, present and future. Over time, the line, color and shape of the Korean landscape has surpassed the regio ...

The Beauty of Korean Food: With 100 Best-Loved Recipes【아…
by The Institute of Traditional Korean Food
  264 p
  December, 2007
  20,000 KRW
Korean food has been appraised as a genuine, slow, healthy food for its organization with the seasons and regional specialties, harmony of food ingredients and combination of food groups. In spite of high interest in Korean food by global villagers, there haven't been any go ...

[Culture and History]
Special Lecture on Korean Paintings 오주석의 한국의 …
by Oh Ju-seok
  264 p
  December, 2011
  25,000 KRW
Prestigious Art Expert Oh Ju-seok Displays Old Korean Masterpieces in Detail Special Lecture on Korean Paintings provides readers with a comprehensive and readable introduction to major aspects of old Korean arts. The volume explores the vast heritage of Korean paintings, pr ...