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Korean through English 1 (New Edition)【한국어 1】영…
by Sang-Oak Lee & Seungmie Lee
  184 p
  March, 2012
  16,000 KRW
The Best Textbook Series for Learning the Korean Language by the Leading Experts in Korea -The National Institute of the Korean Language and Language Education Institute at Seoul National University Originally consisted of three volumes, Korean through English series was f ...

[Travel and General Information]
A Slow Walk through Jeong-dong 느리게 걸어보는 정동
by Michael Gibb
  144 p
  February, 2011
  13,000 KRW
When most people travel, they try to cover too much and rush around cities and countries, ticking off boxes: Seen that, done that. This book shows that you can have a rewarding time in a single place, not rushing around, taking things slow and focusing the mind on details. In thi ...

[Culture and History]
Korean Games and Sports 한국의 놀이와 스포츠
by Karl Randall
  144 p
  March, 2011
  12,000 KRW
Korean Games and Sports is accessible to anyone seeking an international perspective on the cultural salience of folk and contemporary games and sports of Korea. As an admirable collection and readable book, it will undoubtedly find a readership between families and friends as we ...